DICE+ and Adobe AIR

DICE+ is really awesome controller, and it's made in Poland;) So, we've tried connect with Flash:) Take a look how it works with Adobe AIR app on Android Read more [...]
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Assets management

How we manage assets in our projects? Our library for loading and storing external assets. It's useful for Starling and native flash as well. Read more [...]
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SoftBody with Nape, Starling and VertexShader

This example shows how to use a VertexShader to change vertex position in our object. We can use it to create bones, ropes, soft bodies and any kind of objects with variable vertices position at runtime. Of course we can recreate mesh every frame but upload new data to VertexBuffer will be necessary. Read more [...]
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ScrollImage – extension for Starling

Some time ago I've found a nice article about texture tiles in Stage3d posted by Pierre Chamberlain on his blog (scrolling UV via shaders). I thought: will be nice to develop the next extension for Starling (previous was the Pixel Perfect Touch allow to create hitTest based on alpha channel). ImageScroll can repeat texture - even from TextureAtlas Read more [...]
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